Welcome to the very first English translation by hand. You read that correct; no automated google translation this time, this one’s made by our main editor. It’s just too bad he doesn’t produce roughly 216.000.000 results in 0,42 seconds.

But I digress, so let’s get to business: As you could have read in the tiny actualities ( they’re called the “kleine actualiteiten” in Dutch ) we’ve been busy making loveshoots ( fotoshoots for couples ). Through bad and worse weather many a couple has been photographed and it is finally the time to share the results with none less than you, my loyal international reader!

Theo & Mindy in het thalen park te drachten door jeffrey wakanno

Meet Theo and Mindy, one of the very first couples we worked photographed. They are a sight for sore eyes, a loving couple together for years and years to come.

Theo & Mindy in het thalen park te drachten door jeffrey wakanno

The thing I like the most about this couple is this simple thing: they just have fun together. As a photographer there is little you have to do, but show them where to stand and they take care of the rest. If you ever want to participate in a fotoshoot yourself ( maybe a loveshoot perhaps ? ) keep this one thing in mind: relax and take it easy and find someone who can comfortably conduct the shoot.

Theo & Mindy

Why you ask? Well for the obvious reason it would be awkward during the photoshoot, but more important you will see it in the results. If you were given the choice between looking tip top ( shiny pants, more make-up than usual ) but awkward, and casual but relaxed. I’d choose the latter, because it’s going to be very hard or neigh impossible to take great pictures when you get irritated or embarrassed.

Theo & Mindy

To get back to our lovely couple, that’s what makes them so awesome, they’re overjoyed with each other and have so much fun. It happened more than once we couldn’t stop laughing! To make long stories short; you can’t find it any better!

Just a few weeks ago we had a loveshoot with Jeffrey. Incredibly fun and relaxed. We are also very happy with the results.

Rating: ★★★★★ ( FIVE stars )

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Theo & Mindy gemaakt door Jeffrey Wakanno in het thalen park te drachten

When you and the love of your life plan a loveshoot with us you are given plenty of time. So we can take pictures in a relaxed manner, no rushing. A fotoshoot like this takes about half an hour, but we take an hour per couple so we have the time to talk and get to know each other. This also allows us to be flexible and execute any ideas of the couple for their perfect picture. ( no worries if you have no idea, we have plenty 😉 )

Tiny actualities

Most of the planned loveshoots have taken place now and the developing of the pictures is advancing splendidly. Last week tuesday we attended and photographed a wedding and now we have to developed some 1708 pictures.

We are truly glad with all this work and we thank all couples for entrusting us to capture the special and beautiful moments.

Do you also want a fotoshoot with your significant other?

If that is the case, please contact me with the form below, or call me; 06 403 57 329. You can also contact me via facebook or with ol’ fashioned mail, please send to: wakanno.11-7@live.nl

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koppel fotoshoot door Jeffrey Wakanno in het thalenpark te drachten

Jeffrey Wakanno gives thanks for your attention and wishes you a lovely continuation of your day.