Welcome delegates and friends!

Welcome to this portrait page, we’re very happy to have met you! We hope you can find and appreciate your own photograph as well as all the others! And of course you’re free to share your own portraits with ( new found ) friends and family, but would you please be so kind not to share the portrait’s of someone else? They could not be comfortable with it.

We wish you a very nice convention!

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Yes, otherwise it would be quite hard to navigate, when you want to see your picture larger, just click on it!

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Can’t find your portrait?

The convention days are awesome, but also quite time consuming. This means we’re not able to update this page in real time. We try to have the portraits uploaded at the end of the day, so please check this page later!

Would you like to add some photo’s to this gallery?

We’d appreciate that! ? just send an email with the pictures attached to wakanno.11-7@live.nl and we put them online here next time we update the page!

Are you uncomfortable with your portrait being online?

Let me reassure you this is a private site and only people who acquired the bussinesscard with the link to this page are able to view the pictures. Nonetheless, if you would like your portrait to be removed, just drop me an email at wakanno.11-7@live.nl with the number of the picture so we can take them offline.