Wak&loveshoot – Tim & Mees

Meet Tim and Mees, an energetic and merry couple with an interest for one of those loveshoots. Despite the ‘robust’ weather, it surely was robust and not for the faint of heart, they were happy while shooting and if there was something they lacked it absolutely wasn’t enthusiasm! Awesome to work with.

Wak&loveshoots - Tim & Mees

It didn’t take long before the ice broke and you could tell they felt comfortable. Nice to notice is the following, she is very expressive in her movements, might you ever have a photoshoot yourself ( think the photoshoot on your wedding day or maybe something else ) keep in mind you’re allowed to exaggerate your moves! Unleash all the flair you can muster, even when it might feel a little weird, it will make the pictures so much more awesome!

Wak&loveshoots - Tim & Mees

One little detail that’s very important about loveshoots ( or couple photoshoots ) is there are not one but two people you have to take care of ( not that far fetched if you think about it ). It actually means you can’t have one person feeling king ( or queen ) of the shoot and have the other bored to death. So gentlemen might your girlfriend ( or wive ) have arranged one of those loveshoots and drags you along, do not worry! We make sure you enjoy your time as well.

Wak&loveshoots - Tim & Mees

As one might observe both Tim ánd Mees are having fun and you can clearly see the expressive moves shine brightly in this picture! When shooting keep in mind: an awesome idea with an awesome execution will result in an awesome photograph 😀

Wak&loveshoots - Tim & Mees

Tim truly is a gentleman who takes care of his lass, both an endearing and beautiful sight. They both wanted a picture where they jumped from the bench but apparently Mees caught something with her eye. This picture works because they are not busy with the picture or posing. This is genuine attention for each other while they share “their moment”. I noticed some couples find it easier to have those moments and some find it harder., that’s why we make sure there are several moments where the couple can relax and can come closer to each other without worrying about posing.

Wak&loveshoots - Tim & Mees

Besides the icebreakers are those moments important to keep the atmosphere light and relaxed. Loveshoots are always planned with plenty of time so we can visit all the beautiful places and do all the prepared poses without rush and even more important we have more than enough time left for your ideas! So feel free to brainstorm what kind of pictures or poses you’d like before attending the loveshoot ( but no worries when you forget to do so or when you don’t feel like it, your photographer will have plenty ideas ) !

Wak&loveshoots - Tim & Mees

Now it is time for Mees, what she said about the loveshoot:

“My boyfriend and I won a photoshoot. It was fantastic. We had a really good time. Jeffrey gives a lot of fun tips and thought along with the poses and had a very good preparation. When we were out of ideas he knew something fun! We definitely recommend this.”

They gave the loveshoot the following rating: ★★★★★ ( five stars )
Thanks Tim and Mees for your review, it was a pleasure to photograph you two, you’re a lovely couple and I wish you both the very best!

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Wak&loveshoots - Tim & Mees

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